031 Insertion of idioms

In Paragraphs on Translation Peter Newmark says, „the English language […] makes more use of idioms than some other languages do“. On the strength of this greater frequency of idioms in English he defends such translations as a poco distanza – a stone’s throw or il suo costo altissimo – its staggering cost.
Native Czech translators have pointed out to me that if they translated every English idiom with an equivalent form, the resulting Czech text might appear unduly conversational and trivial, so they will sometimes render an idiom with a more neutral expression. Conversely then, I feel there is sometimes a good argument for touching up long deadpan passages with a mildly idiomatic turn of phrase or two just to allay that „seeping oddness“ feeling in a text :

Připravujeme další projekty
Further projects are in the pipeline
Celá oblast informačních technologii má vysokou akceleraci
IT as a whole is rapidly gaining ground

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