B. Proudew / Hrdý Budžes by Irena Dousková

Normalization? Collaboration?

The children are watching...

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Irena Dousková
B. Proudew

Translated by Melvyn Clarke

Foreword by Irena Dousková

Cover art by Lucie Lomová

Cover and book design by Bedřich Vémola

171 pp, paperback

ISBN 978-80-906428-0-5

Publisher: Pálava Publishing

E-mail: orders@palavapublishing.com


Phone: +420 724 118 082



Helena Součková, an eight-year-old schoolgirl in a small provincial town, deals not only with the uniquely dismal side of life in Communist Czechoslovakia, but also with more than a few universal issues, like death, school dinners, guilt, obtuse teachers, betrayal, love, Jewishness, annoying little brothers, almost absent fathers, cruel classmates, bogus adults, eerie daydreams and nightmares that reflect the society around her. A child of her time, Helena nevertheless rises above it all with her special blend of grit, common sense and dark imaginings, which speak to us today with clarity and power. Helena has come to be a well-known archetype that many can identify with.

An extraordinarily successful, frequently reprinted bestseller. Often repeated on Czech television in its stage adaptation, Hrdý Budžes has come to be one of the most famous Czech prose works published since the Velvet Revolution. In the Czech Republic alone more than 65,000 copies have been sold. The book has also been published in translation in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Belarus, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is now a firm family favourite in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Central Europe. What has the English-speaking world been missing out on?


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