055 Alternative perspectivization

The strong inclination in Czech to compensate for English condensers by clauses (both dependent and main) (see 054) sometimes results in the overall restructuring of the original sentence pattern, changing for example the directionality of the processes or events expressed in the source text (cf. the different perspectivization [of the next example] and the consequent vector change in the Czech translation counterpart:

Also, I hated driving behind anything.                                                                                                            Také jsem nesnášela, když přede mnou cokoliv jelo.

Every morning each patient was given a bed bath and had talcum powder applied to pressure points. Our teeth were cleaned, our hair was brushed and we were helped into a clean nightdress. After our bed linen was changed we lay back on our snowy pillows like pampered kings and queens.                                                                                                                                                       Kazdé ráno sestry pacienty umyly a zasypaly proleželiny pudrem. Vyčistily nám zuby, učesaly vlasy a vyměnili noční košile. Pak nám převlékly povlečení a uložily nás do sněhobílých peřin a polštářů, jako bychom byli prinezny na hrášku.

From the point of view of text perspectivization, the English version is primarily event-oriented, focusing on „what was done to the patients“. The Czech translation is participant-oriented, focusing on „what the nurses did to us“, i.e. the patients, and foregrounding the nurses. This different „zooming“ is systematically applied through the entire text chunk.
From the text-perspective, the English passive can operate as an effective means of text cohesion, linking text across the paragraph boundaries and allowing the text producer to keep to the identical subject.

From  Sentence complexes in Text – Processing strategies in English and in Czech – Jarmila Tárnyiková

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