060 Impose classic word order where possible

As a good rule of thumb, check to see if it is possible to apply classic English subject-predicate-adverbial word order (i.e. when you do not need to highlight any of the elements by putting them at the beginning or the end).

By DAPI staining of the deletants used in our study we have proved a difference in their properties in comparison to the parent strain.                                                                                        Differences in the properties of our deletants relative to the parent strain were demonstrated by DAPI staining.

These results we achieved by using….                                                                                                                    These results were obtained by using…;

In the next set of experiments, the kinetic constants were determined.                                                  The kinetic constants were determined in the next set of experiments.

After application of XY in these mice acute inflammation was observed in the abdominal region.                                                                                                                                                                        Acute inflammation in the abdominal region was observed in these mice after application of XY.

As recipients normal rats, nunu rats or CCIS rats were used.                                                          Normal rats, nunu rats or CCIS rats were used as recipients ….

From K psaní odborných článků v angličtině

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